Computer Forensic & Electronic Discovery


The evolution of Information Technology allowed border less interactions that changed global landscape of networking and communications. A computer has become a vulnerable personal diary of an individual or an organization and the internet a major mode of communication.

Such false sense of security was established due to ignorance of the risks involved in the operation of the digital world. As a result, the world witnessed increasing digital crimes such as theft of data, fraud, obscene or offensive content, harassment, drug trafficking, cyber terrorism and cyber warfare.

We offer IT security services to enhance knowledge on risks related to the operation of the digital world through protection of information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification and destruction.

Our highly skilled team of digital forensics specialists employ most advanced forensic tools and protocols to reconstructs activities of a computer user or an intruder to extract specific evidence of illegal or illicit activity.

We assist in the preparation of discovery requests for electronic data, on-site seizure of evidence, thorough processing of information and complete analysis of the findings. Our expertise includes systematically identifying, preserving, extracting, analysing, interpreting, documenting and presenting digital evidences.

List of services under Computer Forensic:
Employee investigations and electronic surveillance
Forensic analysis of media storages and mobile phones
Pre-investigations - a cost effective measure to help determine if a full scale investigation is needed
Cracking passwords
Investigating Internet stalking and harassment via email or other electronic means
Recovering encrypted and/or deleted emails
Uncovering file copying
Removal of viruses and other forms of malware
Uncovering account usage
Recovering deleted data
Uncovering data destruction and media wiping
Electronic discovery compliance

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